High-Tech Tangling – Mobile Style

If you have an iPad, you need to try Brushes.  It is an app that lets you “fingerpaint.” It’s great for tangling. My DD and DH are TV watchers. I am not, but will often tangle in the TV room to be with them.  I’d rather tangle on my iPad than with pen and paper for two reasons:
1) No lamp required. The family doesn’t like the glare from the lamp when they’re watching TV
2) *No READING GLASSES required!!* This is great for me.  I don’t have to keep taking them on and off when I look from my work to the TV.  It’s awesome.
3) You can make movies.  It took me a week to finally figure out how to do this, but I finally figured it out.

Here are some of my favorite iPad tangles:

Vacuum Cord


I’ll work on the movies tomorrow!

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