Back to Basics

Recently I stumbled upon my current favorite Zentangle site: TanglePatterns.com.  Linda is a born organizer and has a huge list of alphabetized tangles.  I admit I never paid much attention to the names of the tangles.  After reading your comments and her website, I was thinking maybe I should learn at least SOME of the names, especially since I plan to be a CZT very soon.  So, here is my latest tangle, back to basics.  I challenged myself to use only “official” tangles and to use only tangles I’d never tried before.*

How many do you recognize?  (Hint: I used Cubine, Florz,  Meer, Msst, Opus, Onomato,  Sez, and the triangle thing that I lost the name of.)

(*OK, so I “cheated.” I have no idea if the corner fillers are even real tangles.  I just needed something to fill in.)

It’s looking kind of plain yet.  Tomorrow, I will show the shaded version.  I think the idea of shading is pure genius.  It’s what sets Zentangles apart form just plain doodling.

Comments make me happy. Please let me know what you think.

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