Weekly Challenge #9: Artoo

This week, “the Diva” came up with a new tangle in honor of her recovering baby Artoo and challenged us to use it.

View from 20,000 ft.

Yesterday, during the LONG flight from San Diego to Columbus, Birdie and I were fascinated by the geometry of Kansas from above.  Everything was divided into perfect squares.  Many of them were almost completely filled by perfect circles.  Then there were lines, all in the same direction.

In the midst of all of that straightness and symmetry was one meandering stream and one isolated square that was filled with untamed lines. Knowing that a photo wouldn’t convey the feeling, I decided to make a quick sketch.

It was a long flight, like I said.  So, to pass the time, I decided to make a new sketch to use as a string.  By this time, the circles were gone, but there were lots of new meandering streams.  It is to this tangle, that I added Artoo’s tangle.  His are the red ones.

Finally, I made a brand new tile for Valentine’s Day with Artoo strung through the middle.  I’m not sure if this is technically an Artoo since it isn’t “growing from a stem,” but maybe it is a tangleation of Artoo.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #9: Artoo

  1. Thanks for all of the kind words. I actually used to READ on planes and vacation. On our 8-day trip to San Diego, all I read was one book about art. Review to come…


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