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Beachy Tangles

Birdie and I just got back from a “tangled trip” to Myrtle Beach for spring break.  Went to Michigan (4+ hours driving) and saw 2 brothers-in-law then flew from Detroit to SC to Yiayia’s place.  Spent 2 days with one set of cousins then they left and brother #2 came with his family. It was cold and rainy, but that didn’t dampen our spirits (much.)  Did only one travel journal page, but I got lots of tangles, some colored pencil, and even Haiku.

Of course, I had to use Mist and Rain. I used Onomato and Ennies for the flying gull. (All official tangles)  I used Urchin and a water pattern from Totally Tangled.  The gull tracks are what I observed from the beach.

Has anyone claimed the pattern I used for the ocean?  It seems so simple that I’d be surprised if no one else has.  If not, I’d call it Wavez.

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