Challenges, Challenges

It’s been a challenging sort of week, tangling wise at least.  So, here is the third installment of challenges.  This one is from the ZIA Yahoo group.  Patty, at Zentangles & Stuff challenged us to create “Venn-tangles.”

Sounded so cute, just overlap some circles and overlap patterns in the overlapping circles.  Hers looked so gorgeous and natural that I thought it would be easy.  
Yeah, right.  I don’t think my mind works that way.  I had to do the entire piece in pencil first.  You may not be able to make a mistake with Zentangle, but with Venn-tangle, well, that is another story.  Let’s just say that Venn-tangle is a MUCH more appropriate name than “Zen-diagram.”  There was nothing Zen about this challenge.
I don’t know how well I did the whole intersecting business, but I do like the results.  I foresee more circles in my tangling in the near future…

9 thoughts on “Challenges, Challenges

  1. That's it, Cris. You and Margaret have done it. I'm coming off the benches at the ZIA group. I've been a spectator long enough. I'm comin' out to play… you've made this one look like So Much Fun! I ♥ the transparent looking Ixorus too. It plays with your eyes, this design, because I started out knowing which circle was on top and which on the bottom (Huggins)… but the two blended lower circles keep moving forward and back depending on how you look at it. (What's the name of the tangle on the left circle?)


  2. Kit, the tangle on the left is Shattuck, which is one of the official tangles. The top was supposed to be W2, but since I'm not familiar with Huggins, perhaps I did it by not doing W2 correctly:-)


  3. Thanks Cris! I just didn't recognise Shattuck in a circle (face palm). And I think Huggins might just be a curved tangleation of W2 (just that I found that one before I found W2, from memory). Here's the link to where I found it.


  4. Yep, I think you are right. Huggins looks very much like W2. It looks like she used circles instead of squares for the shadows between the woven strips. Since I kept the squares, but curved my lines, I guess I drew the intersection of the two. I think I will call it: H2-Oh!


  5. Chris you did an amazing job! I agree with all of your comments – once I tried this – I found it a very good brain workout but it was challenging to blend 2 tangles together to create another tangle. But it's good to exercise all the parts of our awesome brain muscle – yes?


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