Guest Artist · Zentangle

Warning: Curves Ahead

This week’s “Diva Challenge” was the opposite of last week: create a Zentangle with no straight lines.  The only challenge here was to overcome my inclination to submit one I had already created!
Then Birdie decided to take the challenge yesterday and created the beauty on the left, so I figured I should, too.

The pinecone-shaped thing in the middle is my Embrr tangle that I demo’d at CZT-V, but the rest is all hers, with help from  Totally Tangled.

Here is mine:

In typical Zentangle fashion, this tile was a complete surprise to me.  I put my dots in the four corners, then thought I’d connect them with a curvy line and put in a loop at the corners. Wouldn’t you know it, then my curvy string turned itself into a curvy rope.  Things just took off from there… 
After I tangled the inside of the rope, I thought I was done.  Then the rope needed an aura.  Then the aura looked lonely and the Crescent Moon came out. Finally, I decided to try all of my Fabre-Castel pens, starting from the thickest to the thinnest to put auras around the moons. That is my favorite part. 
Despite appearances to the contrary (especially in ‘Nzepple), there isn’t a single straight line in the thing. 

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