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I love tanglers!

Look what I just got in the mail:

These are from the Zentangle Inspired Art Yahoo group.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I love them.  The bottom was a surprise from the coordinator.

I had so much fun, I decided to host a few swaps of my own.

The first one is called “Home is Where the Art Is.”  In this swap, you will create two ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) that have something to do with where you live.  For example, Debbie in Florida sent me a card with a space shuttle on it.  That is what gave me the idea.  These can be in color and embellished any way you wish as long as they have some Zentangle in them.

The second one is called “Spring Has Sprung.”  In this swap, you will create two ATCs with a flower theme.  You can draw a flower and tangle it or create a tangle with flowers in it.  Color is allowed.

So, do you want to play?  You can join the yahoo group or just let me know that you are interested and I will send you my address and all of the other pertinent details

6 thoughts on “I love tanglers!

  1. Hey Cris…on re-reading my comment, I realise it doesn't really make sense. I meant to say is it ok to particpate in swaps from Aust. Some people may object to postage costs etc…


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