Backyard Beauty

If you’ve tangled for any length of time, you will surely find yourself looking at your world with a fresh set of eyes.  Where you used to see flowers, trees, and buildings, you now see patterns.  Instead of looking at the big picture, you will probably find yourself looking at details. 

Last week, I was out walking around the yard looking at all of the beautiful changes spring has brought.  I have always enjoyed the flowering trees and budding trees, but this year, I also enjoyed the weeds!?!  Really.  Some of the most obnoxious weeds have the coolest patterns.  Did you know?  If you don’t have any in your yard, come over here.  We have all kinds!  Here are some of my favorites.

 Next week, I will pull them.  This week, I will draw some.   I hope you enjoy these pictures.  Let me know if they inspire you to create a new tangle.

3 thoughts on “Backyard Beauty

  1. A farmer told me that any plant growing where it isn't wanted is a weed. By that definition, I have very few weeds! Christina, if those ideas take root, please share. I like your ideas!


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