It’s a Zentangle, of course!

Well, “it” is finished.  We all should know by now that Zentangles “aren’t supposed to look like anything,” except a Zentangle, of course.  This is what I tell all of my students.  I, however, have been doing Zentangle Inspired Art so sometimes have to remind myself of that.  Here is the finished 2×2 “mini” ensemble.

I don’t want to influence anyone, so I won’t tell you what I think it looks like – yet.  But Birdie didn’t see it when I told her.  I can tell you what it does NOT look like.  It doesn’t look anything like Shelly’s quad that I used as a jumping off point.  I am not a “copycat” so what I did was copy what I thought looked like her string, then closed the window and waited a few days before I started working.  Can you see where I used her string?  (Can you see how much better hers is?  Oops, not supposed to be judgmental in Zentangle.)

So, what do YOU think it looks like, if anything?  Please comment.  

4 thoughts on “It’s a Zentangle, of course!

  1. I see a sand crab inching it's way across the sand. It has strands of kelp and sea cabbage that it's been munching on.Beautiful, beautiful work!I know Zentangles aren't supposed to look like anything, but I have an overactive imagination, and I don't think I've ever seen a zentangle that didn't look like something to me, lol!


  2. How funny Cris! I love what you have done with the string idea. At first I saw a paw print and inquisitve cat ears, then I spotted the birdcage, luckily the little bird escaped, circled over the cat's head and left a flight path out of the first tile. Wonderful mini ensemble!


  3. You guys are too funny. Very creative. Must be why you create such beautiful art. BTW – I saw a 3-eyed evil cat. I do like the sand crab though and the birdcage. Thanks for playing.


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