Idol by Cris @ TangledUpInArt

As we sat down to watch American Idol last night, Birdie asked if I’d done the Diva Challenge yet.  Surprisingly, the answer was “no.”  (This will tell you how busy the last two days have been.)  She looked it up and came back with a pre-strung tile for me to fill.  Cool.  Less to think about.

As I was listening to those talented kids, I kept thinking “aah” and so I tangled it.  Some of the excitement from the show must have been seeping into my string because my tangles just would not stay in the lines.  I like the way it turned out, half dead pen and all.  Hope you do, too.

2 thoughts on “Idol

  1. Thank you. I am trying very hard to lighten up my work. I really admire that quality in other people's work. I wonder though if it wasn't just because my pen was half out of ink!


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