Trying Tripoli

When I saw Maria’s new tangle Tripoli, I was so excited.  Then I tried it.  Then I tried teaching it to my kids at Zentangle camp.  Let’s just say it was not “love at first sight.”

After reading Tripoli Tutorial at Tinkered Art, I persisted and things got better.  So, here are my first four Tripoli.

3 thoughts on “Trying Tripoli

  1. I think the problem with Tripoli is that it looks deceptively easy. And the first go round or two is. Because it starts easy you tend to relax, and then you lose track of where you are.It's worth the struggle to get it right though.


  2. I had the same problem and agree with Sandra's comment above. I also found the bigger you make the triangles the easier it is. I was making mine way to small to start with. Suzanne's instructions helped me too! It looks to me like you've got it-good job!


  3. Interesting observations. In some ways this is the opposite of Rick's Paradox. This one looks easy, but isn't. That one looks hard, but is not. I also tend to make all of my tangles too small. My campers did theirs too small and gave up, saying it was too tedious.


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