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Cakes and Ducks and Fair Tangles

Yesterday, Birdie took her turtle cake to the fair.  We thought it was very cute and definitely original.  (Just like Birdie herself.)  When we got to the fair, though, we were blown away by some of the other cakes.  She finished her interview and skills test at 10:45 (2 hours of waiting.)

Then we had 5 hours to wait for the judging results.  We were at the fair.  It should have been fun.  Instead, it was HOT and BORING.  Birdie’s cousin LL was visiting from Chicago and they didn’t want a ride pass, so we walked around the marketplace, bought over-priced junk food, and I tangled in the shade while looked at the animals.

The heat must have gotten to me because Birdie talked me into getting a duck.  Al was supposed to stay with our chickens and be their protector.  He didn’t last 30 seconds with them.  Every last rooster attacked the poor little guy.  So, now Al lives in our frog pond, newly christened “the duck pond” as Al loves munching on the poor little froglets.

So, after we looked at the “fine” art (not impressed), we looked at the “creative” arts (much more impressed), and went back to the 4H building to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Took 2 more hours before we found out that she won… nothing!

Birdie wasn’t so much disappointed as she was frustrated that we had to wait 7 hours to find this out.  But, then again, she got a duck.

I got to tangle and I like the results, but I could have skipped the whole day.  But, then again, I didn’t get a duck.

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