Fun at the Fair

Demonstrating Zentangle at the Ohio State Fair the last two days has been so rewarding. Everyone is curious and fascinated with our new artform.

As people would stop by, I would show them some tangles and have them choose which I should use to fill in the spaces. I love how the first two are totally unplanned. David from ZTforKids described the process of Zentangle best when he called it a game. He writes, “It’s almost like a game with a cool drawing at the end. I never know how it’s going to come out.” (When you have others choose the tangles, you have NO idea what to expect.)

For the third tile, I used Rick and Maria’s new tangle Pendrills, but then got stumped and decided to tangle OUTSIDE the frame instead of inside it. I guess I was influenced by David’s advice to bend the rules. He says, “There are just enough rules to keep you going… when ideas come, bend the rules and, SNAP! Tangles everywhere.”

What a smart kid. I wish he could demonstrate at the fair with me!

Pendrills and Jetties

13 thoughts on “Fun at the Fair

  1. Margaret – I can't wait to see what you've been up to! Thanks to all. It was a lot of fun doing these "collaborative" tiles. I'm glad you enjoy them.


  2. Karen, It is probably because I was sitting beside my friend, the artist, who made great suggestions 🙂 Sitting alongside a friend is the best way to tangle.


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