ABCs and 4Hs

ABC: Assunta, Betweed, and C???

What a week.  We got back from vacation a week ago Friday and I was so happy to have my scanner and computer so I could crop my tangles before posting.  Then we started school on Monday and have had houseguests since Thursday and haven’t had a chance to even tangle, let alone post.

Birdie is watching TV, DH is outside grilling a turkey, and the guests are not expected home for another 45 minutes, so I get a few minutes of computer time.

Here are my latest tangles, from over a week ago!

One was inspired by Birdie’s A-B-C tangles and the other I did at her 4H awards ceremony.  I asked after it was over, “Did the ceremony seem shorter and more interesting than last year?”  Apparently, only if one is tangling.


Oops – guests are home early.  Please, someone tell me the name of the ‘C’ tangle in ABC.  I can’t remember and don’t have time to look.

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