Whirled Peace

In honor of Pinwheels for Peace project and World Peace Day on September 21, the diva has challenged us to tangle a pinwheel.  This brought back a very happy memory from when I had a troop of very young Brownie Girl Scouts.  We studied wind one day and they made kites out of paper bags and pinwheels.  I will never forget the smiles on their faces as then ran around our back yard enjoying the March winds. (Which is good since I cannot find the picture.)

In the spirit of fun (and laziness), I made mine with the materials already on my desk: Prismacolor pencils and brush tip markers, a scrap of watercolor paper, and my trusty watercolors.  I tried to use happy, laughing tangles.

Wishing you peace and laughter.

16 thoughts on “Whirled Peace

  1. Shelly, you are so right. I adore my Cadettes, but sometimes I miss the Brownies they were. That's the problem with only having one child. There is no one to gain from the wisdom of experience.


  2. Erin, thanks. That works as it reminds me of March which often cannot decide whether it is winter or spring.KNM – Yes, the pun is intended, but I didn't make it up. It is from the organization Pinwheels for Peace. Thanks.


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