Knowing When to Stop – Take 2

Like at Chez Diva, we are under the weather at our house too.  I’m just getting over a miserable cold and now Birdie has it.  I was perfectly happy to sit in front of the TV with her and tangle.  I am very tired of working small, though, so here is my Opus/Jonqil duo-tangle for this week’s challenge, size XL.  It is 8.5×11.

I think it needs more, but am listening to Birdie this week and stopping now, even though I think I could up the contrast and make it better.  So, what do you think? Should I stop here or keep going?

13 thoughts on “Knowing When to Stop – Take 2

  1. Please please please stop where you are. I really like it! It is open and airy, which is tough to do in Zentangle. Would love to see you work a bit of shading magic to enhance the depth and contrast, making some areas pop and others recede, but it is beautiful as it is.


  2. This has a wonderful flow to it, personally I would leave it for a while and revisit it later if you still feel you need to adjust the contrast. It looks perfect to me.


  3. I agree with the others, it looks wonderful the way it is, however since it is letter size, why not make a copy of it and play with some ideas on the copy. You can have it both ways!


  4. Great minds really do think alike. I've already printed out a copy and started coloring. I thought that all of the bubbles should be floating on some clear blue water. Will see what happens to the rest. I'll post the next iteration soon…


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