Hope For Haiti

My friend Sonya works with an organization called The Red Thread Promise and they bring hope to children in the US, China, and Haiti. When I think of hope, I think of the orphans she is helping. Do you want to help, too? We would like to collect some Zentabgles for The Red Thread Promise. Simply make a traditional black and white Zentangle, but with a single red “thread” running through it and send it to me. We will make a poster of all of them and auction Off the individual tiles to raise money for their upcoming mission.

3 thoughts on “Hope For Haiti

  1. Thank you so much, Cris! Your tile looks great (I am still working on mine…) I've been to Haiti 5 times in the past 14 months, working with children with disabilities and orphans. My next trip is scheduled for January 2 – 9, 2012 – we are starting a camp for children with disabilities! If you'd like more information on The Red Thread Promise, check us out on FaceBook (The Red Thread Promise) or our blog: http://redthreadpromise.blogspot.com/ . Our new website is under construction – hoping to have it up by the end of October.


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