A Big Hairy Mess

When I first saw the new tangle Punzel, I immediately thought, “Oh, no.  I can’t even do chaining properly, how am I going to do this one?”  Of course, the answer is, “One stroke at a time.”  Rather than “waste” my good tangling supplies (and so I wouldn’t have to go get them),  I grabbed the closest writing implement, a purple sharpie, and paper, the back of last week’s challenge which started life as part of the packaging of pantyhose.  (For a Halloween costume, of course. Pantyhose are so not my thing.)

So, as I was doing Chaining, I thought it kind of reminded me of a braid.  Especially my daughter’s braids.  She has some thick, unruly hair.  It can be beautiful, or it can be a big hairy mess.  Once the hair idea got into my brain, things began to go downhill. So, since it was hair, it needed beads, and of course, a feather.  All of the kids are wearing feathers these days.  The crescent moon tanglation came about because we most often put her in braids to sleep so she will have waves in the morning.  I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

Let’s just put it down to sleep deprivation and illness.

Rapunzel’s Punzel: aka A Big Hairy Mess

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11 thoughts on “A Big Hairy Mess

  1. i love what you did with this pattern.. the beads and feather are cool! I was thinking about hair as well when i saw this pattern… very nice… and i like the blue swirlies ….


  2. I think it's clever and I love how each pattern or drawing reaches something in our subconscious and then we're off and running (or drawing). Your punzel is so even – I really must practice.


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