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This week’s Diva challenge was to again tangle with our non-dominant hand.  Last year, I kept to simple tangles and really enjoyed the process.  This year, I decided that I wasn’t going to allow my “handicap” stop me from doing the tangles I wanted.  I chose four of my favorites: Purk, BTL JUS, Crescent Moon, and Hollibaugh and began.  I figured if I took it slowly and focused, everything would turn out beautiful.  How foolish!

I had worked on this for about 45 minutes when one of my friends commented, “That looks tedious.”  All I could think of to say was, “Yes, it is.”  I then tried to explain about the Diva challenge and how the left hand is connected to the right brain, etc, but the damage was done.  This is one person who will probably never “get it.”  Oh, well.  These are the same ladies who watch me tangle every week and after 4 weeks, this was the first comment anyone has made on what I was doing.

This challenge was an eye-opener for me in that I could really relate to those people who’ve told me, “I could never do that.”  I know they COULD, but if their work isn’t up to their own ideals, they wouldn’t enjoy the process.  At least that is what I discovered.

Stamp Carving 101 Update

I find that the process of stamp carving gets me in the same state of mind as when I tangle.  I relax and lose all track of time.  It is only when I do a test print and see all of the uneven lines and extra bits that don’t belong,  I’m frequently frustrated because my results do not meet my expectations.  By the time I “clean up” my stamps, there is practically nothing left any more and I wish I could go back to its previous state.  Just like with carving a flute, there is no eraser in stamp cutting.  

I really liked Julie’s advice this week.  She said, “You have to accept the imperfections.”  I think this is the mark of a good teacher.  Without even meeting me (since this is an online class), she was able to anticipate what my frustration would be and give us the advice we needed.

Art Class Advice Needed
One area of art that is pure fun with no frustrations (yet) is my painting class.  I finished my second flower, a daylily, and like it even better that my orchid.  I’ve decided to actually hang this, but I can’t decide what color frame would be best. Thanks to the wonder of Photoshop, I was able to test a few out and I have it narrowed down to three choices.

or deep red?

If you have a minute, could you please comment on which color you like best?  Thanks!

I hope you all have an art-filled, frustration-free weekend…  Cris

25 thoughts on “Tedious?

  1. Your tile looks great, but it is a tough challenge, isn't it?Your daylily is gorgeous! I prefer the white frame, although it might also be nice with a white mat and a red frame. I think the colored frame right next to the artwork detracts too much from the beautiful colors of the flower.


  2. Hmmm. I think there is more to consider here. If you put your (beautiful, by the way) lily in a frame, I think it will require a mat as well. You will need to consider how the mat goes with the frame as well as with the picture. Also, the color of the wall on which it will hang may really make a difference. All that said, I say good luck. If I was just considering mat color, I was drawn to the deep red, which may or may not go well with a light frame or a light wood frame. (Especially if you hang it on a blue or gray or taupe wall – if you know what I mean. LOL)


  3. I personally like the purple frame, but Webster brought up some good points. I LOVE your carved piece–looks great printed on the sheet music, and in so many colors. It sounds like you didn't enjoy the non-dominant hand process, and I was sad for you. I think your tile is fantastic. It looks even better when I click on it. I'm not saying that your "disabled" up-close viewing label is a hoax (cute! nice try!)…but it did enlarge for me, and I like what I saw! I really like how the dark background of your Hollibaugh shows scribble-y markings instead of solid black. It adds life and mystery and depth. Your blog entries are chock-full of beauty and interesting images and text.


  4. Well done and beautiful unique work you did with non-domination hand. I like both purple and deep red because with purple you notice things in middle but if you use deep red you will notice things around the picture, not the middle. That why I was undecided with purple or deep red. How about two different colour of frame?


  5. Thank you. I did use shading. As I tell my students (and I think I heard this from Maria), "you can cover up a lot of 'mistakes' with pencil." (You can actually click on it, but I really don't like to see all of the flaws magnified.)


  6. Thanks Karen Lynn. It was a tough challenge. I was surprised by how much easier I found it the last time. Hmm. You think the colored frame detracts from the flower? I thought it enhanced it. I was totally surprised that I saw more in the painting when I put the purple and red next to it. Especially since I painted it πŸ™‚


  7. Hmm. I have some el cheapo frames from some el cheapo artwork that has been hanging in my bathroom for years that I planned to repurpose. I wasn't thinking of even using with a mat. I figured I'd just paint the frame. In our house, just getting something on a frame and on the wall is HUGE. I can't tell you how much art we have stacked behind the bookshelf! But if I consider the room it will be in, the deep red would be best since we have tan walls and a deep red accent wall. I never thought about matching art to the room. Probably because I never get anything hung πŸ™‚


  8. I'm blushing. You caught me. Glad you like my blog. That makes me very happy.I guess the problem I was having with this challenge is too many expectations. Instead of "letting go and letting Zentangle," I was trying to force it. That is never a good thing. Sometimes I forget this. I guess I need to teach a few more classes so I will remember. I kind of like the stamp, but Birdie, who is usually my biggest fan, does not like it a bit. I'm glad you do.Thanks again.


  9. Just going on first impressions here – but I actually had an emotional response to the red. "It got me" or "I got it" Made the whole flower warm and stand out. I felt the light color was cold. I love purple so was very surprised that I liked the red better. I held up black paper to the screen and think that the red would be good for the inner mat with a black wide frame, or outer mat. But then I'm untrained in all this.Sorry long post to say I liked your blog, art work and non dominant hand. The challenge did take thought and time, but I think I'm going to try it again sometime.


  10. First off, I would go with Off-White, let's your flower 'shine' the most I think.I think it is a pretty weird thing to say to someone 'it looks tedious'. That tells you more about that other person than it does about your tangle, doesn't it? Especially when it is the first thing they say. Oh well.Your learning proces with the realisation that sometimes you just can't do something, I think that is the beauty of taking on a challenge. And maybe it's also a matter of perception, what is 'beaut'. But we will let that up to the philosophers…. :)Anyway, from what I can see of your small picture, I DO like your tangle. And I really appreciate that you shared your experiences.


  11. Thanks for the encouragement. I'd often heard it says that WHATEVER someone says about you is really a reflection of themselves, but I didn't think about it at the time. And it is so true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I went to a small art gallery with a few of my friends and there was everything there from bold and glittery abstracts to ultra-realistic nature paintings. And we all liked different ones.


  12. Nice job on the challenge tile…looks great…and you even used a lot of coloring in, which I found to be very difficult. Love your flower…I like the third frame the best.


  13. I was going to say the same thing as webster above. I liked the Dark mat best with it on the web page, so if your walls are tan, then the red one would be the best one. The frame color should also look good with the room…and the mat! If the frame was white with the colors already spoke of…that would not look good. So…consider how they all go together. (Like…If you have a light mat, and a light frame, and your wall is darker painted, and all of the furniture is contrasting that, and is on the light side…then you would go light…and that would work.) So…look at the whole room you want it in, and see which works better for you. Because all of the mats you have chosen look nice with the painting. (But I still like the red one the best. (Maybe because it matches my house the best) :o)


  14. I love a framing challenge! Your painting is really beautiful!!I would personally stay away from the darker tones cause they pull your eye away from the flower and compete with it instead of stand aside. so of your choices I'd go with the off white.BUT, I put some chartreuse(!) paper up next to it and it looked fabulous! It pulls in that color of the yellow stamens and yet contrasts with the pinks. I'd do the chartreuse mat with a neutral color frame.Tedious:: who needs people like that. Forget them and enjoy your art! Gina L.


  15. Thanks for asking, but, alas no. Both of my flowers are still unframed. The orchid is lying with the magazines in the family room and the daylilt is sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. Some day…


  16. LOL. I totally understand.My husband spent some time in my "creativity" room (he seldom does this) and afterwards he said that he could feel my presence in the room. I asked him how and he it was so colorful and creative and full of unfinished projects!


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