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On The Road Again: Enchanting New Mexico

NM white sand1
Wow, I can’t believe it’s been close to two weeks since I’ve posted. We were on spring break, spending a delightful trip to the “land of enchantment.”  Well, that is what they call New Mexico.  I’m not totally convinced, but do admit we saw some very enchanting places.  I was not enchanted about having to drive several hours to see them but at least I was able to tangle in the car!
Here are a few shots of the enchanting part of New Mexico as well as some of the tangles I did in between.

NM from our deck1
The view from our deck on the only day we had clouds!

 NM Tangles
A bit wiggly from the car. Working out a new tangle, along with some old favorites.
NM Carlsbad2
Don’t the top of the stalactites look tangled? (Inside Carlsbad Caverns)
NM Carlsbad1
More stunning Carlsbad.
NM Tangles 1
Last week’s Diva challenge: huggy bear, with Fengle, Zander, BTL JUS, Onamato, and Crescent Moon.
NM white sand2
White Sands: a world apart.

Hope you enjoyed your 5-minute tour of the land of Enchantment.

7 thoughts on “On The Road Again: Enchanting New Mexico

  1. Thanks! I can tell you that it is not easy to take nice photos in a cave. It was stunning and I was so frustrated, wishing I had read the instruction manual for my new camera. By the end of a few hours of trial and error, I finally found some settings that would work.


  2. I have never been to New Mexico, but now I want to go there! Those mountains are beautiful! Amazing that you can tangle in the car- I can barely scribble. So glad to have you on the virtual vacation!


  3. If you go, definitely hit Carlsbad and White Sands. But if you don't like a lot of driving, this may not be the place to go. There is a WHOLE lot of NOTHING in between! Luckily, my DH likes to drive and we had some good audio books to pass the time.


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