sketchbook project · Watercolor

The Sketchbook is in the Mail!

Wallpaper sample with glossy black
paint pen and sharpie lettering. So
sad I didn’t have time to do any
tangling or stamping.

Despite a week with dual ear infections, featuring a ruptured ear drum, my sketchbook is now in the hands of the USPS! It was a little scary, a little sad, and a little exciting handing it over tonight.

I participated in the Limited Edition project and chose the theme “How to spell and other things to learn.”  I titled my book “Pop Proverbs, with wit and wisdom from the age of vinyl.”

I only had 2 hours tonight to fold, bind, make a cover, and put the whole thing together, so the cover and title page don’t match my vision of it should be, but I will admit that it was a thrill finally holding the finished book in my hands.

I told the postal worker that I trusted him with my baby.  I’m hoping that trust was not misplaced!

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