Going Round In Circles – In a Good Way!

On Tuesday, I felt like Steve Martin in the Jerk, running around shouting, “The new Zendalas are here! The new Zendalas are here!” Literally. My family thought I was nuts. Or, more nuts than usual.

I don’t know why I waited so long to get these things. They are so cool. When I first started my Zendala, I didn’t like it, but once I finished it by adding shading and a few more details, I really love it. Most of the work is done with my .005 as I wanted a delicate feel.

I especially like the Purk in the center. I think it would be a very cool ATC.

Finally, I just had to do the Diva Challenge on a Zendala tile, too. The challenge was to use Hybred with the Strircles tangle-enhance. I’m still in a spiral groove and that so fits the new round tiles. My first attempt fell a bit flat, so I added the DARK stripes in what was previously empty space. It certainly changed the feel. In an unexpected and not quite desired way. But that sort of surprise is the fun of Zentangle®.

10 thoughts on “Going Round In Circles – In a Good Way!

  1. Both tiles are great – I love to see the zendala's (must order some…). But I really, really like what you have done with strircles! It gives it a sort of retro pop look which is very original. Well done!


  2. Thanks, everyone. It's funny, when I first did them, neither Birdie nor myself were all that impressed with the challenge piece. But, all of your compliments on the challenge piece have made me take a second look. After some thought, I realized it looks better on the blog than real life, probably because of the black background. Must get that thing matted, because it really makes a difference.


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