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Seven Tips for Pea-Knuckle

Have you seen the newest official tangle?  It is by Maria’s daughter Molly Hollibaugh and it is a beauty.  You can find the printed instructions in the latest Zentangle newsletter

I will admit to being a bit intimidated by this tangle and I don’t know why.  I usually can figure out how to do them without detailed instructions, but I had trouble with this one, even with the instructions.  I eventually mastered it and now I really love it.  I am working on a how-to video but it needs more time than I have right now, so here are some quick tips.
  1. Start your first line of “S”es in the middle of the space you want to fill.
  2. Try to keep the size consistent.
  3. Make your “S”es nice and round.
  4. Imagine an invisible line of “S”es next to the one you drew and draw your next line right alongside the invisible one.
  5. After filling all of the lines of “S”es, rotate your paper a quarter turn. 
  6. Draw lines from the open part of one S to the open part of the S in the next row. Again, it may be easier to start in the middle and work towards each edge. I do both edge lines before filling the middle.IMG 1385
  7. After drawing all of the lines in one direction, turn your paper again to do the next lines.  IMG 1388
Here’s the finished product.   IMG 1380
I hope this helps and that you like this new tangle as much as I do.

27 thoughts on “Seven Tips for Pea-Knuckle

  1. WOW! You've really mastered this tangle expertly!!! Love what you did with it and thanks so much for your tips….much appreciated as I haven't begun mine yet.


  2. Your tangle is so well, done. Thank you so much for the extra tips. My s's just seem to get all out of whack and then I have areas that are supposed to be lined that are open and visa versa so that everything is out of sync. The hard part for me is accuracy in the size and shape of my s's. It doesn't fit my personality to do all those pieces the same every time! 😦


  3. Your spiral is gorgeous! Thanks for the tips also. I get my first row of s-es in and the my brain freezes on where to start the next row. Every time. This one requires a lot of concentration.


  4. OMG! I so needed this tutorial. I struggled with this one a lot. I'm going to try it again tonight using your tips. Whatever I product will not even be a 10th as beautiful as your spiral basket design though!


  5. Wow! Awesome! Probably the best one I've seen. And I can't thank you enough for your 7 tips and the video you later published. Without that input, I might have just skipped this challenge. I found it so difficult, I got frustrated, and it was tedious and not fun. But after your input, I finally was able to do something I could post. I'm #57 this week, which I don't usually do, but it was the hardest tangle I've ever tried to "untangle", to date. lol!


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