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More Help with Pea~Knuckle

OK, I made another Zendala using Pea~Knuckle. Do you like my border?  I made a mistake and started Pea~Knuckle on one of the spaces I wanted blank, so I just tangled a few auras around them.
Pea-Knuckle Zendala
I wanted to leave some white space, but all of that pristine paper is begging to be tangled.  So, what do you think, is it done?

As promised, here is a video I made showing how I draw pea~knuckle.
It’s 11 minutes long, but I couldn’t figure out where to cut it short.  Sorry about that.  I think you can tell why my Zentangle 101 classes run close to 3 hours!

HowtoDrawPeaKnuckly video on YouTube

It’s my first how-to video, so please be gentle with me.  I have a lot to learn about video-editing.  And, for some reason, I kept saying “perpendicular” when I meant “parallel” so beware of that.

Despite that, I hope this helps someone.

12 thoughts on “More Help with Pea~Knuckle

  1. Thank you so much for all your help! Your video is great. I am definitely a visual learner,a couple of things I didn't really "get" in the tips became very clear with the video. I love the auras around the s's in your border, too.


  2. You're welcome. I wasn't sure the tips were clear enough, but I had a VERY impatient child waiting for me… Glad the video helped.


  3. I have found that you don't really have to keep them lined up. Look at the top "row" of the bottom section above. They certainly didn't line up very well, but that's part of its charm.


  4. It's absolutely beautiful just as it is. I found if I pencil in rows of S's vertically, making sure the topstouch the bottoms of the one above it is much easier tolay out. I use a ruler to tick off even space between the first row of S's horizontally. This took me a weekof experimenting, trying to get the patter correct. After I had the S's laid out like I wanted them, then the restwas easy for me. Now to watch your video and learn someeasier tips!


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