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My First Portrait

I want to thank everyone for all of the great comments on my first PPF last week.  I had so much fun reading your comments, getting inspired by your artwork, and learning from your advice.  Sadly, Nemo is still stuck in his unfinished state.  But it’s just because last weekend was my God-daughter’s wedding.
Which meant that I was finally able to give them their gift: a portrait I painted of her and her new husband.  I’ve been working on this since January and couldn’t wait to see if they’d like it.  They did!  Yay.
First, the inspiration photo, taken last year
inspiration photo
And here is the result:
It’s my first oil painting, but I am planning on doing more.
My daughter Birdie also painted portraits of their dogs to go with them.
IMG 1695
Aren’t they a beautiful family?

20 thoughts on “My First Portrait

  1. Great work! I am sure that it must be very hard to paint people and you really captured a fantastic likeness to the picture. Birdie did great on the dogs too. Keep on painting….both of you!


  2. Great painting! What a perfect wedding gift.(P.S. Did you know you still have your word verification/captcha on? It makes commenting very difficult…)


  3. Wow.. great job.. First Oil painting? wow. My main medium is Oils and I love them for their forgiveness. I have been dabbling in watercolors and ink lately in my journaling, but my first love will always be oils. all the work is great.. even the dog portraits. Something they will treasure forever.


  4. Thanks! I liked the oils well enough to buy some, but haven't taken them out since. My art classes are over for the summer, so I need to be brave and play by myself. Or find some local peeps who want to have our own paint party. Hmm…


  5. I have a teacher who likes to challenge me 🙂 Besides, I started it 5 months in advance, so if it didn't work out, I could always buy her something.


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