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Packing Light

I love my travel sketchbook.  I’ve only been keeping it since January 2011, but we’ve gone to many places since them and it brings back such fond memories whenever I get it out.

But when we were in New Mexico, I was so busy working on the Sketchbook Project that I only did one sketch.  And we’re leaving for the beach on Sunday!  Catching up on my travel sketchbook is high on the priority list.  Right up there with packing 🙂 Luckily, I pack light.  Especially my art supplies.  My Zentangle supplies fit in a box the size of a paperback with room for my paints.

Here are all of my travel sketchbook supplies.  

Sometimes, I think I’d like to get something better, but this little $5 special holds my pencil, eraser, and water brush, while still acting as a palette and fitting in the pocket of my travel skirt.

So, while Birdie was at her 4H meeting tonight, I sat in the car and started a sketch of sunrise in Ruidoso, NM.  Mountains are a challenge to me, living her in the flat lands, but I am improving.

IMG 1949
Steering wheel holding the iPad, painting on my lap.  

The best thing was that when I showed Birdie, she knew exactly where it was.  That makes me happy.

Happy PPF.  Hope your painting makes you happy, too.

28 thoughts on “Packing Light

  1. Thanks. The car wasn't MOVING! I just happened to be stuck there due to an unusual set of circumstances. The problem is that I was facing the setting sun and it took me an extraordinarily long time to figure out that was why I was having trouble seeing. Once I hung my tote bag from the rear view mirror, the car was a great place to paint 🙂


  2. Hi, Linda. We didn't make it to Albuquerque this trip. Or Santa Fe. Would like to get there some day. New Mexico is a BIG STATE 🙂


  3. And sometimes sketching while traveling adds so many more memories. Like last year in Ukraine where we got left behind on TWO tours on the same day because Birdie and I were both sketching and the tour left without us! The sad thing is that my mother was on one of the tours with us and she didn't even miss us. That is what I remember every time I look at that sketch 🙂


  4. I agree with you, Tracey. If I tried to wait until I had a large block of time to paint, I'd never get anything done. Thanks. I'm glad you like it.


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