Diva Challenge at the Beach

I love tangling on seashells. I love the colors, the smoothness, and even the size. So for Laura’s challenge this week I did one using cadent to add to my collection.

Don’t forget to sign up for this Sunday’s Zentangle beach party and come tangle your own shells. I have been collecting some pretty ones for you.

19 thoughts on “Diva Challenge at the Beach

  1. I love your shells. Wish I could come and play at your Zentangle beach party, although I can't figure out where the beach is in Violet Township, Ohio! You have some great tangleations of cadent, but my favorite shell is the third one.


  2. How neat is this! I love your shell and tangle collection1 What a great idea. I can see them all in one of those display boxes or table with sand and some aqua and blue glass bits! Your cadent shell is gorgeous. Do you use a regular pen, or something else?


  3. The regular Micron pens work great. If the shell is very small, I will use a .005 instead of a .01. The ink will smear can smear if you try, so I will spray with hair spray or fixative when I am done.I like your idea of sand with the shells. Wish I had read this comment while I was at the beach and had easy access to free sand. Oh, I know, I will go back!


  4. Hi Cris,I received your gorgeous sunny zentangle postcard roday. I love to look at them, but I've never had the nerve to try them. Your shell pieces make me want to though. I also really like your watercolors…so cery delicate.I hope you will visit me and let me know what you think of my digital art.Linda Gibbons, Boston, MAhttp://justanothervolunteer.blogspot.com/


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