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Trying Something New

When we were at the beach, we stopped in the QVC outlet and I found an oil-painting kit for only $8: Expressive painting with Anne-Marie Esson. I bought it and had so much fun with it that I am kicking myself for not buying 5 of them.  My nephew accused me of “cheating” since I copied someone else’s work. My other nephew liked the painting so much that I ended up giving it to him.
Palm trees
I waited for two days so I could add some more layers, but the humidity was so high that it never fully dried.

12 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. Wow, I can feel the breeze in the trees and the ocean rushing by…wonderful colors and texture. Oils do that don't they? Glad you had so much fun with this.It's not cheating tell him it's simply using a guide for practice and practice makes perfect.HPPF!


  2. Love the painting. It feels tropical. Hey what ever gets your creative juices going is all fair in Art!! 🙂 Oils just take longer to dry then other mediums. Some colors like Cadmium's take even longer for some reason. Which is why I am playing around with Watercolors after painting with oils most of my life.. HPPF.


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