Summer Fun Scrapbook Page

I have been sorely neglecting my scrapbooks lately. I’m at least 4 vacations behind, not to mention all of those memorable day-to-day moments that I don’t want to forget.
I’ve determined that my “internal motivation” is weak.  What  I need is external motivation.  I  do at least one Zentangle every week just so I can enter the Diva’s weekly challenge on Monday.  I paint something every day so that I can have something to show at Paint Party Friday.  Does anyone know of a weekly “linky” or blog hop for scrapbooks?

I made the background using a few of my photos from our day at the water park. If you like it, you may download it for free from my Flickr account. (You don’t have to use it to enter.)

3 thoughts on “Summer Fun Scrapbook Page

  1. Sounds like fun! But…. I haven't started scrapbooking (yet) because I already have so much fun things around the house. And maybe… Is there a computerprogram to do scrapbooking? So I can keep it on the computer and play with my photos without having to buy a new closet?Ellen Gozeling


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