Painting Help and Contest

Hello Paint Party Friday Friends, My PPF painting this week is inspired by Joanne Thomas’s Watercolour Line and Wash instruction video. There are also videos on painting movement and using a palette knife. If you want to learn something new and maybe win $50 worth of art supplies, check out the challenge page. The contest ends on Sunday, July 8, so you still have a little time to enter.

I really enjoyed the line and wash technique, but I always end up frustrated whenever I do this kind of lesson because I expect my painting to look like the instructor’s. Which is totally unrealistic, considering I doubt I have 1/10 of the experience!

I had the same problem this week doing my Zentangles. I let my expectations get in the way of my art. My new mantra will be: “LET GO and GO WITH THE FLOW.” Expectations only lead to disappointments.

Despite this painting not looking like the Joanne’s, I kind of like it and will definitely add this technique to my toolkit. Happy PPF. If you enter the contest, please let me know. I’d love to see your interpretation. Cottages wash

17 thoughts on “Painting Help and Contest

  1. I think it is a fabulous painting- I really love the house in the back that is nestled into the trees. Can so relate to the expectations getting in the way. Happy PPF


  2. I would definitely love to be in that painting. I'd be outside hanging clothes, tending to the garden and that little house to the side is my studio. Let me in!!:) Love it! Thanks.


  3. I really like this. I am going to check out the video and challenge site you suggest. I think this is very well done. I am also toying with tangles and with some watercolor effects. I am really enjoying it, too.


  4. I love your painting. You wouldn't want it to end up like someone elses, then it wouldn't be yours. I make cloth dolls and if I follow a pattern, my doll never looks like the picture. . . it's 'mine' and s/he looks like it. So. . . be quite satisfied with your wonderful creativity, I certainly am. Blessings, Janet PPF


  5. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. I love combining watercolor and tangles. I don't know why I don't do it more. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂


  6. Thanks, Giggles. Once I find my style, I will definitely stick with it. My painting teacher said that the difference between an amateur and a professional is that an amateur may be able to create a beautiful work of art, but a professional will be able to recreate their art so that it looks the way they intended it to. I guess I'm still working towards that.


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