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A Friend for Nemo

Hello PPF friends,

It’s been such a busy day that I completely forgot it was even Friday until about an hour ago!  And I painted early this week.  That’s probably why.

I just got the fall schedule from my art teacher and found out that she won’t be having adult classes any longer.  I can’t say that I blame her, since she didn’t have enough students to justify the time.  But I will really miss them.

I can still set aside a few hours a week to paint, but it is much harder without that studio time paid for in advance.  And I will miss the opportunity for critique.  Lucky for me, PPF will help with that.  I’m definitely motivated to paint so I have something to post on Friday.  Plus, I love all of the feedback I receive.  Please, don’t hesitate to give me honest, constructive criticism.  Especially since I won’t have my teacher for feedback.

So, I really need some feedback on this painting.  I started it a few weeks ago and “finished” it on Wednesday.  But, I showed it to a few people and they didn’t think it looked done.

But, I do think it now goes well with Nemo.  He doesn’t have to be lonely any more.  (If he could swim to the other painting, like they do on Harry Potter!)

Thanks in advance for any comments and happy PPF to y’all.


12 thoughts on “A Friend for Nemo

  1. I like the painting and the composition. Caveat – it doesn't make sense to me that it is so light. Undersea is dark, dark, dark. So I guess I would find a way to give it some depth.Speaking as a non-painter who is married to a perfectionist with artistic talent. He was always "fixing" my folk art projects.


  2. That's a wonderful painting full of movement! Seriously though the only person who needs to like the painting is you!! Your work is so lovely, enjoy the process, let go of what others think!! If you say it's done, it's done!!! Hugs Gigglesp.s Please schedule time for yourself so you have no regrets!!


  3. I don't know enough about art, being self taught and uneducated in this field,to critique you, I can just say I know what I like and I like what you did here. It is pleasing to my eye.HPPF on Sunday.


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