We Two, Me Too

I started the Diva challenge this week on the plane from Atlantic City to Boston today. Birdie, as usual, wanted to play, too. She wasn’t just happy drawing the string, but she wanted to tangle, too.

This ended up being a “tag team tangle,” with me doing Mi 2, then Birdie did hers. We continued with Purk, Bales, and Paradox. We then finished by me adding Ixorus and Birdie adding Fescu.

I’ve been planning to write a book on shading Zentangles and Birdie wants to help with that, too. So, I have included both the original and shaded versions. Consider this a preview of our book ๐Ÿ™‚

14 thoughts on “We Two, Me Too

  1. Thanks. This is the first time we've tangled together and it was fun. We have such different styles. I never thought of combining them before.


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