Taking a Life of Its Own

I had a great time with this week’s Diva Challenge.  I love Zendalas and I love the great cause.  So, I did my tangling and liked what I did.

Unshaded Diva Challenge #81

But, I wasn’t sure how I should shade it.  So, I posted to Facebook.

That’s when things got crazy.  I got lots of great comments and one especially intrigued me.  Marguerite Meara suggested that I share the thing and let others shade it too.  Ooh! Another project!  I couldn’t resist.  (Ask my DH.  He will tell you, I’ve never met a project I didn’t want to start.)

So, I created a new Flickr Group: Not Just Black and White – Zentangle® Shading.  Apparently, this didn’t suck up enough of my time, so I created a new blog, too. Why? Who knows. But it is here: Black and White and Gray All Over  (Sadly, I didn’t try to name them both at the same time, so that is why they have different names. All of the good ones were taken.)

Here is the final result that I shaded taking advice from the wonderful comments on my facebook page.

I hope you will try it!

12 thoughts on “Taking a Life of Its Own

  1. Hey Girlfriend, I just posted you to all the groups I belong to on FB. I hope it will bring you some traffic. I started a new group Zentangle Enthusiasts, on FB, pls come in and share and enjoy the art; which saved me.


  2. Oh, yes, the black in the center was just what it needed to really make it make a statement. I sometimes forget about shading because I am so invested in the line work and try to get it all to look just right. I forget that I can accentuate things with pencil shading too.


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