Challenges, Big and Small

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use Shelly Beauch’s beautiful tangle Brayd.  How lucky for me that I had started this tile the past weekend during our Girl Scout trip to Cedar Point. Brayd was just what I needed to finish it off!

Small challenge: Diva Challenge  – check.

Medium challenges:

  • Unpack from weekend and clean house – started.
  • Organize a Zentangle 101 class sometime before we leave for Alaska. (Drop me a line if you’re interested in attending)

Bigger challenges:

  • Help Birdie complete her 8th grade portfolio for evaluation on Thursday
  • Finish planning for high school!  
  • Write another chapter in my shading book.

And, thanks to Zentangle, I can take mini-mental health breaks to keep the stress levels down.

Have a great week. Hope you overcome all of this week’s challenges.

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