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Embrace the Unexpected

Hello Everyone,
I didn’t fall off the planet, but I did just get back from Alaska.  I’ll share more about that when I get caught up with housework, schoolwork, yard work, and life in general.  But, I did want to share this week’s Diva challenge.

It’s called “Embrace the Unexpected.”  When I first saw the Diva challenge this week was to use Margret Bremner’s Copada, I thought it would be lovely to use as part of a Zendala.  So, on my way out the door to drive Birdie to band on Tuesday, I grabbed my Zendala tin as well as my tangle bag.  Lo and behold, when I sat down to tangle, I discovered that I brought the full tin.  Yep, not a single blank one to tangle.  Since I was stuck using a square tile, I decided to go with a curved string and used the lid of the tin to draw it.

I thought copada would play nicely with my own tangle esses so I made a curved path of those two.  I wanted a simple look, so I paired them with Knightsbridge.  I even used the lid to draw it so everything is curvy.

Embrace the unexpected
Embrace the Unexpected: copada, esses, knightsbridge

I had planned on leaving the area behind the copada empty, but I was so in the zone when I was coloring in Knightsbridge, I just kept going.

Ugh. It was pretty ugly at this point.  Even shading wasn’t helping much. So, I set it aside for a day to see if a new perspective would help.

Still out of ideas yesterday, I thought I’d try more shading. I took the tile and my bag of drawing pencils to Birdie’s flute lessons yesterday.  When I pulled out a pencil to shade, I found the one lost Aquarelle pencil stuck in the bottom of the bag.  I figured I’d just go with it.  What a huge difference it made!  The gold really brought out the Copada and esses and let the Knightsbridge stay in the background.

Next time you are tangling, I encourage you to also embrace the unexpected. Enjoy the journey.

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