Crossing the Border

How funny that Laura, aka the Diva, would challenge us to break free of the border when I was just about to blog about our recent trip, which just so happened to start out by crossing the border into her country, Canada.  Now, if next week’s challenge has anything to do with cruising or salmon or ducks, I will have proof she is reading my mind!

OK, I know some of you could care less about my trip and are just here for the Zentangle, so here’s this week’s challenge. I will admit that it isn’t much of a challenge, since I do this all the time.  But I like it.  (Guess I’m just a rebel!)

Crossing the Border: ‘nZeppel, Purk, Zander, and Ixorus (variation)

Still reading? Then come on to Vancouver with me.  Start by staying up all night and leaving for the airport at 4am EST.  Finally end up at the hotel at 2 pm PST, only to discover that the reservation was for next week and there is no room at the inn.  What an auspicious start!  By the time the rest of my family arrived 2 hours later, the nice clerk had found us another hotel, but they were still furious with me.

Here is our lovely hotel.  OK, so it’s not a 5-star hotel, but check out the view from just outside.
Evening view
And again in the morning

I couldn’t resist stopping in the middle of the street for a picture of downtown.  Wow.

Birdie and I had a great time exploring. We had some amazing pizza and scouted out this restaurant for breakfast the next morning.

Birdie’s cousin came with us and we had trouble choosing, so this is what we got.  OMG.  The pistachio-almond croissant was the tastiest think I’ve eaten, ever, and the bacon-apple scone is top 5.

I wish we had more time in Vancouver.  I seems like a fun place to explore. We were struck by two things: how diverse the city is and how incredibly nice the people are.  Stay tuned for more, when we board our ship and head to Alaska.

16 thoughts on “Crossing the Border

  1. It is so nice to "take trips" with all my internet buddies! Thank you for sharing…making me hungry there! I like the way Zander has taken on a kind of cornucopia shape.


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