People Are People

People Are People
This week’s Diva challenge was to tangle a “Pinwheel for Peace.”  This was perhaps the most difficult challenge for me to complete, not for any artistic reasons, but because I am so heartbroken over the recent killings during all of the recent anti-American protests. All of that hatred directed towards an entire country because of the opinions of one of its citizens is unfathomable.  I think DePeche Mode said it best in their song People are People, so I wrote the lyrics on the background of my piece.

11 thoughts on “People Are People

  1. the words are perfect. it's been a rough week for our country. i don't understand all the hate and i don't think i ever will. the teardrop in the center of your pinwheel breaks my heart –


  2. Your teardrop brought tears to my eyes. Like you and Alice, I don't understand al the hate in this world. Not only towards USA, but so much more.That's why we (little people) should do all we can to spread peace, friendlyness and love aroud us. Then it can work as a snowball.And ….. let's not forget, we also see a lot of good things/acts in the world.


  3. Thanks. I struggled for days debating whether I should even write a "political" post on my happy art blog. I spent hours drafting what I wanted to say and then remembered that song. {healing hug} going out to you.


  4. Anne, you are right. There is a lot of good and beauty in the world. In spite of critics who say art should be realistic, I believe art should be pretty and spread joy. (The polar opposite of this piece.)


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