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Zentangle Fun

I recently taught a Zentangle 101 class wearing my tangled shoes and carrying my tangled cup and sign.  Someone commented, “Gee,  you tangle everything.” They hadn’t even seen my shirt!

Tangled-T – using black PermOpaque pen and ZIG Memory Mate Writer pens

I bought this shirt when my 14-year-old was about 3.  It was getting so faded, you could barely see the flamingos.  Not anymore!

As soon as I finished the shirt, I started on the Diva’s weekly challenge.  This week was to use the new official tangle IX.  I love tangles that just beg to be altered.  I started out doing the tangle as directed, but it just looked like a fancy letter I.  So, I did a C, R, and S to go along with it.

CRIS-IX duo-tangle: IX and Birdie’s PAR-K

Now, I really need to go work on the pictures from our cruise…

Wishing you a fun week of tangling or wherever your creative genius leads you.

15 thoughts on “Zentangle Fun

  1. Thanks, Judy. I would have put it in the middle, but lately, I've not been playing with leaving the center empty. It is fun to change things up a bit, as you say.


  2. Brilliant Cris, very different from my IX name this week. I like your flamingoes as well, it sounds like nothing is safe in your house from being tangled!! I will be interested to hear about your cruise, where did you go?


  3. Chrissie, I'm not as bad as Maria. Are you a CZT? Have you seen her house 🙂 I'm still trying to get permission from DH to tangle the landing just off the kitchen… We went to Alaska. It was wonderful. We've been home over 3 weeks and all I managed to do was write about our stopover in Vancouver. Sorting through 1000+ pictures is a daunting task.


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