Diva Stripes

When I came to blogger today, I found I have 100 followers! What a nice surprise.  Thank you.

I’ve been super busy working on a Zentangle shading workbook.  If you are having trouble with shading or have any ideas on what I should include in the book, please let me know.

So, without further ado, here is this week’s post for the Diva Challenge.  Sadly, I know I won’t have time again this week.

Broz, Mooka, and a bunch of circles

13 thoughts on “Diva Stripes

  1. I agree with you. Looks the same, but I've never seen Pnopsis before checking out your link. I guess she hadn't seen my Broz either when she published hers. Really, though, there are so many great tangles and variations that are similar, I'd be surprised if anyone came up with something truly original. Even Maria's new tangle that is CZT only for now is one I had come up with just the week before, but was saving for my shading book.I'm never happy with my Mooka either, but I still keep trying.


  2. OK, now I'm replying to my own reply. Is that bad form? Talking to myself in public. Anyhow. I retract what I said about "I'd be surprised if anyone came up with something truly original." There really is no limit to creativity. I was just bummed because it seem that every tangle I've been "inventing" and want to put in my book is already out there. Ugh.


  3. Don't forget "self-proclaimed." As in, I'm a "self-proclaimed" shading expert :-)Thanks. Broz was the first tangle I ever tried to decode. Still one of my favorites.


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