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Pen Shading Fun

I loved the Diva challenge this week: tangle without a string.  I started with flux and things just sprouted from there.  I worked on this tile while Birdie’s band was sight reading new music, so I was under the influence of beautiful melodies and a few wrong notes.  I wasn’t impressed at all with this tile before shading.  I meant to take a picture for you, but picked up my phone and ended up reading e-mail instead. (That is so me.)

While working on Made in the Shade, I learned so much about pen shading, stippling in particular, that I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s what I came up with.

Tangles used: flux, opus, sinuous, za, and frondus

Now, I’m off to edit.  Wish me luck.  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement last week.  I appreciated all of your comments even if I didn’t take the time to respond personally.  With the way I get distracted…

11 thoughts on “Pen Shading Fun

  1. I absolutely love your tile. You did a great job of stippling. Every time I look at the tile I see something different and I love that. It has fantastic movement and appears so "alive" to me.


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