A Two-fer

Thanks to sage advice from Birdie (my 14-year-old), I took the day off from writing my book.  I guess even if you are doing what you love, 6 solid weeks of 10+ hours a day on something (with a day off for Thanksgiving) just might cause a little, um, shall we say, “burn-out.” So, today, I took her Christmas shopping this afternoon, took a nap, went to her concert, then did this week’s Diva Challenge and last week’s Zendala Dare while we watched 2 hours of History channel.  Not a bad day.


So, I want some advice on the Zendala: should I color it or shade it? Please comment.  Majority rules. Deadline to “vote” is Friday.  I will finish it this weekend and share the results next Monday.  

Have a great week.


11 thoughts on “A Two-fer

  1. Hmm. One color. I never thought of that. Which is surprising because I love Shelly Beauch's work and she does that often. Maybe I will photocopy it and do two…


  2. Good to hear that your daughter is taking care of you and got you a day off. I would only shade, but maybe I would copy it first and do color on the copy. Why choose when there is a way to do both.


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