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A New String Idea

Happy New Year!

Have you challenged yourself to try something new this year? Birdie and I are taking a create-365 challenge where we are challenging ourselves to create something every day. The advice was to use theme that you wouldn’t get bored with, so I chose flowers. I looked around at the art I created last year and at least half of it has flowers in it.  Birdie chose cooking and music (over-achiever) and is challenging herself to create a new recipe every day and compose a piece of music every month or so. In order to not clutter up this blog, we created a new one, CreateX2.

Yesterday, I wanted to try something different, so I decided to use a photo of a rose as my string. I cut out a very clear picture from a gardening catalog of a yellow rose and tangled on it.  This is a very fun technique. You do traditional Zentangle using only black ink, but end up with a beautiful colorful ZIA and it couldn’t be easier. No drawing or painting skill required.

This is a really fun technique. I hope you will try it.

3 thoughts on “A New String Idea

  1. Love this idea. Must find garden catalogs so we can use this at our Zentangle Club next month. Our theme is flowers so this will be so great. Now to find the catalogs!


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