AuraKnot, Bunzo, and Bottle Caps

This week’s Diva Challenge is to do a duo tangle using AuraKnot and Bunzo. For me, it is truly a challenge. I’ve only done AuraKnot once and haven’t done Bunzo at all.  And duo-tangles, ugh.  They can be so dull. At least when I do them.

So, to try and liven this up, I thought I’d try to come up with an unusual string. Instead of drawing a string, I used a cap from a 1-gallon jug and traced a few random circles.  Here is my “string.”

So, AuraKnot starts by outlining the main shape.  Instead of just tracing around the circles, I decided to give them a more pointy shape.

It’s a bit wonky, but that is the effect I’m going for. So far, so good.  I really want to play with all of the intersections in the center circles, but first, I need to start weaving the AuraKnot.

Instead of just drawing a line from one petal to the next, I wanted to use the circles. This is where the problem started. I told you I’ve only done it once, so I had an “oops.”   Technically, I “went off in an unexpected direction” but I’m not sure it’s truly AuraKnot since I didn’t start out my weaving correctly.

 But the process is important, so I thought I’d keep going and see where I end up.  I was focusing so much on trying to get things right again that I forgot to take some intermediate pictures.  
Hmm. The unshaded version does not excite me much. Usually when I shade, I start looking for places to add dimension or contrast for interest. I don’t see much available in this one, so I decided to shade to try and emphasize the woven nature and add some decoration.

I think it’s better, but think I’m going to try again. What do you think?

14 thoughts on “AuraKnot, Bunzo, and Bottle Caps

  1. I like the way you used the Bunzo in a straight line. I had trouble with my Auraknot, too, but I think they are neat when they come out a little differently. I like yours with the shading as I think it pulls it all together.


  2. I love hearing about a process, and this was really different – what a great way to make a string! And your end result is so different and beautifully done!


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