Moebius Tie

This week’s Diva challenge is to raise awareness for her son’s disorder.  To quote:

And now on to the actual challenge.  To raise awareness for this disorder, use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s logo as your string, or create a moebius strip out of paper and tangle that… or some other awesome creative thing that i haven’t thought of.

I chose option 3.  I envisioned a 2-sided tangled ribbon, but, alas, we have no good ribbon. Then I saw something even better: the white tie Mom gave Dad for Valentine’s day, onto which she’d embroidered 3 red hearts.  It made me a little (OK, a lot) nervous putting that first mark on the tie, but it got easier and just seemed to flow.  

So, here’s a tie embroidered with love and tangled with love.  I would like to sell it on ebay and give the proceeds to a charity of the Diva’s choice. So, if anyone knows someone who needs a “love tie”, please comment below.  If enough people are interested, I will put it up for auction.  Wouldn’t this make a lovely Valentine’s gift – again?

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