A Happy Accident

I started this 8.5×11 inch ZIA last week, adding a little here and there.  It was almost done when I accidentally spilled my tea on it Sunday night. Thanks to some excellent advice form Facebook friends, I rescued it.  I added white & metallic gelly roll pens, white and black charcoal pen, gold and some gold and tan Prismacolors. I also added Margaret Bremner’s Dansk pattern so I could submit it to the Diva challenge this week. It turned out to be a happy accident.

2013 02 05 23 18 19

16 thoughts on “A Happy Accident

  1. Having seen the tile before its "rescue" have to say that what you did is phenomenal. I agree with Sue that it did not know would have gotten questions about how you created the background. Reminds me a little of the way you distress things in modeling.


  2. Cris! I LOVE this! There is so much variation with all the gradations of tone but it all gets unified with the sparkling white accents. The tangle combinations are spectacular! Everything flows and that beautiful flower like piece in the center calls my eyes to it seeming to rule the creation in my opinion. Love the three "water" dots up above. My, my. What a delightful piece. I'm inspired.


  3. Great, I'm glad you rescued it and shared this beautiful artpiece with us. Love the colors and tangles you used. The pearls they look very realistic. Well done 🙂


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