This week the Dva challenged us to use the new official tangle quandary. As I suspected, there is more to this tangle than meets the eye. I found it difficult to keep my shapes all the same and my “flower” shapes have 5 petals instead of 6. It reminds me of the tangle Kathy’s delimma: one that I will enjoy from afar. I wish I had taken a before and after shot of this one.  The quandary was very blah until I shaded and put some black behind it.  Now, it is not so bad.  If you would like to see it done extraordinarily well and see how it is done, you should go to Blog Zentangle.

Did you know I’m hosting a “virtual book club” right here on this blog?  Click on the Virtual Book Club and see what we’ve been up to.  I am learning so much by working through the book and sharing insights from the other CZTs who are working along with me. You don’t’ have to be a CZT to join.  All are welcome.

Finally, I wanted to share the class mosaics from my small Zentangle 101 class on Sunday. Aren’t they talented? I had so much fun.  I wisn I could teach everyone about Zentangle!

2013 02 17 15 02 53

They used Made in the Shade to get shading ideas for the 2nd tile.  I even taught them my tangle Sinuous from the book.  One of the gals said it was similar to another she’d see on the internet.  Does anyone know what it is?  Please comment if you do.  

Tile with Sinuous

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