One Zentangle a Day – Day 26: Poke Leaf and Growth

Actually the title for the day is markers and colored pencils, but most of us have decided that just doing the daily tangles is enough.  Please share your colorful creations if you want, but don’t feel stressed if you choose to skip that part.

I don’t really like poke leaf, but I prefer it to poke root.  Growth is new to me.  It looks too much like eke to me, but I am game.  I thought for my “string” I would use Hollibaugh.  Can’t say this is one of my favorite works ever, but it is OK.


Sonya contributed another winner.  She writes:

What fun this was! First time I’ve *ever* drawn PokeRoot or PokeWeed and actually been happy with the outcome. I’m not 100% convinced on growth but will try it again on another tile before I decide if I’ll keep it in my little black book. Took Cris’s shading class this morning and I think it helped bring this design to life. I must admit that I am really enjoying this book as it is pushing me out of my comfort zone and *forcing* me to try some new tangles / techniques that I might not have tried otherwise.


I do like her shading behind the poke-tangles. 

Finally, here is a contribution from Maria Vennekens.  She feels the same way about growth as the rest of us do.  Not a favorite.

IMG 8219

Hope to hear from the rest soon.  Happy tangling.


Comments make me happy. Please let me know what you think.

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