Something New

Good Day, everyone.

The virtual book club mail didn’t fill the inbox yesterday, so I have time to do a Diva challenge. Yay. 

I really love the new tangle in today’s challenge. It took me a few days to get it right, but I think it shall become a favorite. 



When I first started tangling, I used to sit on the couch and work while my family watched TV.  After becoming a CZT, I stopped. Strange as it may seem, I think I like my art better when I am not quite so focused on it. It could be just a coincidence, but I will be investigating further.  

So, do any of you notice a difference, good or bad, in your work depending on whether there are distractions?


17 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Two beautiful tiles with lots of movement and dimension. Great work. As to your question, I live alone and always have the TV on either on an old movie on TMC, or the classical music station. I prefer the background noise. It doesn't interfere with my creativity. The hours just seems to fly by and I know it's time to take a break when one movie ends and another starts – lol.


  2. I find that I actually like my practice runs in the sketch book MORE then I do my finished tiles…i think I "over think" my tiles….need to just do the tiles with a more relaxed mind.


  3. I can do it either way, with or without distractions. I haven't really paid attention to whether or not one way yielded better results. I guess I will have to investigate that.


  4. That is what my daughter thinks I do also. She said, "I've seen you tangle in front of the TV. You do get meditative. You just don't think so much."


  5. I like your strings on these and how you incorporated the challenge. Very cool. I'm not sure if distractions have any affect on me. Lately I have been enjoying the silence.


  6. So much to see in these ZIA's! Great job! As for me, I guess I can deal with distractions, but I do need a kind of inner rest to concentrate when I start tangling. Only then I experience what I call the "ZENsation"!


  7. Very nice, Cris. I like to work downstairs in the lounge in winter (there's a wood heater). Lots of distractions, but I feel more in touch with the family. I probably draw more, too. Don't notice a difference in the end resuls, though.


  8. Love all the twists and turns and the organic feeling both of your tiles give. I really enjoy tangling propped up on the sofa with lots of pillows on my lapdesk with music in the background, but i pretty much tangle anywhere, even in a line up using the zendala tin, I keep in my bag as my table. LOL


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