Out of the Box Revisited

Today, I spent a lot of time waiting, so I spent a lot of time tangling.  In fact, I did 3 tiles. I think this is a record for me.  The first one I started in response to the Diva challenge. I have trouble making really organic and flowing art so I tried using Sonya’s tiles for inspiration. In that respect, it is a fail.  But, as I tangled, I was listening to a friend tell me about how tangled up her life is right now and I think my tile got more and more tangled as she talked.  “And yet,” as she observed, “there is something growing right up in the middle of all of that tangle.”


I don’t like this one nearly as well as yesterday’s Zendala, but I gave it to the friend who is struggling right now and she loves it.  Mission accomplished.


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