Mooka Challenge

This week, the Diva challenged us to do a monotangle using only Mooka.  A challenge indeed.  Mooka and I did not start out on speaking terms, but we have been coming to an understanding.  I am very pleasantly surprised with the results.


Thanks to everyone who has been asking about my book.  If you live somewhere that Amazon does not carry it (like Canada) you can order it from CreateSpace directly.  I just put up a 15% off coupon code to help offset shipping.  Anyone can use this code, but it is only avoid on CreateSpace, not Amazon.  Just click on the Made in the Shade tab.

(If you are looking for the One Zentangle a Day, I have only received 2 tiles, so I thought I’d wait a day or so to see if any more came in.  If you have a tile for Day 30, please email me.)

21 thoughts on “Mooka Challenge

  1. This looks great! I'm still no friends with Mooka, but I keep on trying. Haven't send you OZAD 30 yet, because I think you wrote that is not due till tomorrow….????


  2. This is very beautiful. It looks like an ornament or a broche to wear. The shading is great on this one, looks like it is laying above the paper. Great.


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